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Why choose Ona – Language and Coaching?

As a language and coaching bureau, we guarantee a strong commitment.

Our years of experience mean we can  offer a quality service on a personal level.

Our qualified trainers work with the latest teaching methods.

We offer courses and assistance for the ONA exam (orientation on the Dutch labour market). We offer a group workshop for ONA consisting of 4 lessons or we can assist you individually.

Should you need more time, we offer a course of 10 lessons in small groups.

Apart from ONA we offer Dutch Language courses in the workplace.

Both for companies as well as for employees who would prefer a course setting in their company.

If you are looking for a new direction in your career or (further) education, we can offer advice and assistance.

We work at several  locations in and around Amsterdam as well as a permanent location in Zaandam.


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Ona -Language and Coaching is spearheaded by Marion van der Voort. Over the years she has gained vast experience as a Dutch language teacher, a trainer and coach.

She studied Didactics at the University of Amsterdam, gained the PDG certification as well as the NT2 diploma ‘Dutch as a second language’ and she specialises in the ONA courses.

She gained the Cambridge Proficiency diploma English in London, she studied Cultural History and after that she specialised in Education.

She is an allround professional, always willing to bring someone one step further in the field of language, jobcoaching and educational advice.

She is a certified ONA teacher.



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You are welcome to contact us for assistance in passing the ONA exam 64 hours. We will help you with the completion of the DUO portfolio and assist you in completing the required documents eg.  CV, a letter of motivation.

In this case you are no longer required to attend the ONA oral exam.

Should you prefer to take the oral exam we can assist you in completing your portfolio and preparing you for the interview.

We offer 2 courses:

  • For those with a higher education who want to join the 64 hour course, we offer a workshop consisting of 4 lessons plus additional hours working on the portfolio.

 We will assist you  in completing your portfolio before sending it to DUO. In this case you are no longer required to attend the Ona oral exam.

  • For those requiring some more time and assistance, we offer a regular ONA course of 10 lessons.  In this case, once again, you are no longer required to attend the Ona oral exam.


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Should  you have any questions concerning your career or if you are looking at options for further education (which career or study might suit you), we can offer you assistance and advice.

Following a consultation based on your CV and work  experience we will discuss your possibilities/opportunities concerning work and study in the Netherlands.

Together we will work out how to improve your CV and your letter of motivation. As well as your diplomas and work experience, we can take a closer look at other skills that you possess. How to maximise and implement these skills for future education /employment.

What are your strengths and weaknesses? What are you good at?

This way we can create a clear image for your profile which will in turn give you the confidence to help you realise your goals.

Following on from this we can help point you in the right direction to realise this goal. Looking at courses or further education you might need in addition to your diploma(s) and experience to achieve  what you require in the Dutch society.

Over the years we have a lot of experience in mediation and coaching for people to gain suitable employment or apply to schools such as the ROC in Amsterdam or Higher Education.

Participation: If you are not yet looking for paid employment but do want to investigate the possibilities you might have in the Dutch society, then participation or volunteer work could be something for you.

We have built up connections with several welfare organisations and have direct contact with schools, for example with the ROC of Amsterdam, with whom we cooperate to find the best suitable options for our clients.

We will have a close look at your education and work experience an, together, look at all the possibilities and options best suited to you.

Working as a volunteer allows you to participate in Dutch society while improving your Dutch language skills. You will have the opportunity to gain work experience as well as to socialise with others.



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For companies:

We offer Dutch language courses in the workplace suitable for different language levels.

If your company requires language courses for your emloyees  you are welcome to contact us to discuss the options for your company.

We will look carefully at the specific needs of your company and we tailor our training programme to your requirements.

For different positions different skills are needed. For some positions, verbal communication will have more emphasis  during the training. While for another  position reading and writing skills will be given more emphasis.

Above all, communication as a neccessary  skill wil be a part of each training together with the more specific skills mentioned above.

The courses will incorporate the following: exercises in the correct way to handle telephone calls, using role play; writing emails in correct Dutch: understanding and reading work schedules:  increasing vocabulary and lots of communication excercises.

The Dutch language courses will be fine-tuned with the management and constantly monitored/assessed during the course.

Employees with higher education:

Do you speak a foreign language and do you want to improve your Dutch language skills? You are welcome to contact us so we can discuss your needs and we can provide a course for you at your workplace. In this case you will share the costs of the lessons together with your colleagues at the workplace. The lessons will take place at your workplace after working hours.

Full details can be discussed and adapted to your needs. We will fine tune the course depending on your position,  required skills and needs and provide you with a professional and practical Dutch language training.


Ona-Taal en Coaching

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Email: m.vandervoort@telfort.nl